Kids Classes                       

Kids Aerial Silks 

Aerial Silks has become a studio favorite among the kids. Classes are for children 6 and over. They will learn fun ways to strengthen their body and mind, and increase their flexibility. Our cosmic silks is also a great special occasion class when they can wear neon clothes and perform on our cosmic silks under the black lights. To end every class we always dance to music before we finish with stretching.

Kids Aerial Hoop 

Aerial Hoop is a fun class for the kids! Its like playing in a floating hula hoop. They learn to climb up the hoop and transition through beautiful poses under, in, and above the hoop! This class also ends with music and stretching.

Kids Self Defense

We are happy to offer a free class to all children which we feel is so important to learn. The biggest advantage of this class is the confidence they will learn through their ability to physically defend themselves. They will learn multiple grappling arts such as judo,brazilian jiu jitsu, and wrestling. Through fun forms of sparring they will realize their increased technique as they advance through the ranks. And this will give them the confidence to defend themselves without ever having to use any physical means.